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Movie Crossovers are mind blowing to see! It show's Hollywood has some original ideas, you can have your favorite slashers of two separate horror movies come into one or your favorite super heroes taking on evil to overpower the world!

These are the ten most wanted crossovers we need to see in the future or just dream about.

9) Star Wars/Trek

In a galaxy far far away where no man has gone b4
In a galaxy far far away where no man has gone b4

With JJ Abrams's success of Star Wars smashing countless records at the box office even sinking The Titanic, JJ or someone else could pull off all of our Fan-boy's inner fan-girl inside for this wonderful crossover as long as we get to see Captain James T. Kirk making out with Princess Leia!

8) Terminator Vs. Robocop

Hasta La Vista...Creep
Hasta La Vista...Creep

The Terminator sequels suck! Let's just say that, The Terminator Franchise is going down and even more down with it's CGI, bland, bad acting sequels! Robocop III wasn't OK and the remake was kind of cool but misses out on all the violence. You've got A Epic Rap Battle of History about it, and even a freaking Comic!

A Box Office Hit
A Box Office Hit

The Pitch

Leave John Conner out of the whole story or maybe just a mention of him cause if we do see him it's going to be Nick Cage! Just a mention of Conner that's all,

A complete NEW Terminator T-900 comes back to 1987 or present day Detroit where Crime is infested everywhere.

The T-900's objective; terminate Alex Murphy for the future downfall of Skynet, T-900 eventually severely guns down Murphy in a new, original and gruesome way. Alex is rebuilt into Robocop with a lust of justice vengeance.

In the end Robocop and The T-900 battle it off in a epic battle costing major buildings to collapse!

Fan Made Trailer for Terminator V. Robocop

7) Star Wars: Rise of the Machines (Terminator)

I've got a bad feeling about this, I'll be back
I've got a bad feeling about this, I'll be back

I know this sound's weird but just here me out, The Terminator goes back in time or into the future to stop two of the most famous Skywalkers in the galaxy

The Pitch: The Prequels/Originals

A long time ago in a Galaxy Far, far away. The T-900 is sent to kill off a young Anakin Skywalker due to his path to the dark side thus the T-900 giving balance to the force and killing off Jar Jar Binks in

The T-900 is sent into a long time ago to kill off the offspring of Anakin Skywalker, Luke Skywalker not giving balance to the force.

6) GI Joe: Resurgence of the Decepticons

Autobots, GO!
Autobots, GO!

If you were a kid in the 80's amen to your wonderful childhood! You woke up every Saturday morning expecting either Transformers or GI Joe and fearing your parents coming in, turning it off and getting ready for Saturday Morning chores. This my 80's viewers is your dream crossover!

The Pitch:

The Decepticons are back, as usual setting chaos to the World. In the past the Joe's have been sitting back while the world burns with the evil of the Decepticons. Fortunately The Baddies who work alongside Cobra raid a GI Joe base finally letting the Joe's to have a personal Resurgence against The Decepticons making allies to the Autobots!

5) The Slashers....

All five evil dead slashers
All five evil dead slashers

...Ash Williams

What made the 80's frightening was the origins of the Slashers. You were scared to go to bed at night at after watching Chucky, Jason, Michael, Freddy, and Pinhead kill countless of innocent sex addicted teens. But one slasher stood out to the rest, Ash Williams

The Pitch:

This would be more of a sequel. All five slashers would need a build up leading into Ash and the Evil Dead.

All five slashers make Ash come to an isolated overlook cabin like hotel for a hellish weekend just for the thrill. Ash armed with his famous BOOMSTICK and chainsaw takes on all five challenges against these five evil dead slashers.

4) Harry Potter and the Lord of the Rings

Countless of people who have a fandom are still awaiting there Hogwarts letter, or waiting for an evil piece of jewelry make you go invisible. This is two series made into one!

The Pitch

Lord Voldemort is resurrected by the one ring to rule them all, together Voldemort can eradicate Muggles and kill off a seasoned Harry Potter possibly with the help of the Fellowship and Harry's high school buds.

3) Bourne/Bond

This would be like what happened when Freddy took on Jason, two of the most famous agents battling it out for different motifs.

The Pitch:

Jason Bourne is still wanted around the world. James Bond is not, Bond takes interest into this man of mystery and goes around the world to find this Jason Bourne. They either become allies to stop an evil terrorist, or with their different beliefs and motifs try and stop each other.

2) Wrath of the Kaiju (Pacific Rim vs. Godzilla)

How has this not happened? Godzilla is considered a freaking kaiju! And a Yeager could possibly take on Godzilla.

The Pitch:

In the third installment of Pacific Rim, the kaiju have all been eradicated from Earth, or so it has been. Godzilla returns with a unknown motif and rampage. The Yeager's must come back in order to defeat the seasoned Godzilla.

1) Marvel/DC

Two great Superhero comics coming together making one big Box Office Global World Wide Phenomenon!

The Pitch You Decide in the Comments!


What Crossover Would You want to see?


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