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Nathaniel Rego

1) The Boy - an American woman experiences the wrath of a living porcelain doll by failing to follow his strict code of rules left with her by his human parents. JANUARY 22nd.

2) Krampus 2 aka Krampus: Silent Night - A year after the end of a random family who have experienced the wrath of St Nick's demonic counterpart, Krampus, trouble teens (Jamie Chung, Aubrie Whitby) inadvertently reawaken the wrath of the infamous Christmas demon from German and Polish folklore. DECEMBER 2016.

3) The Other Side - strange things begin to happen when a curious bunch opens a forbidden doorway. MARCH 2016.

4) Amityville, with Bella Thorne - a teen goth girl must rid her new house and her brother of demons possessing each of them in the anticipated sequel to the 2005 remake of Amityville Horror. APRIL 2016.


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