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For those who have seen The Force Awakens, you find out that the location of Luke Skywalker is at the very first Jedi Temple ever created. Over the weekend a script from The Force Awakens was leaked and in the scripted revealed the name of the planet that this Jedi Temple is located. Even in the novelization of the movie the name is mentioned as being the first Jedi Temple.

The name of the planet is Ahch-To!

This is where Luke has been hiding for the majority of the film until the very end of course, but because this is a new planet tons of mystery and questions come up about this planet.

Why is there only a small island that seems to be the focus on that planet?

What is the history behind that planet?

Why is Luke Skywalker hiding there?

There are more but because none of them are answer I will save those for when Episode 8 is released. Until then I will be looking forward to all the books that connect the 30 year gap from Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens that will hopefully elaborate about this planet and why it will be important in the story later on.

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