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Both known and forgotten horror films of the 20th Century
Janna Dk MacDonald-Walsh

A word that many people still don't understand, Concussion is a film about struggle, pain, and anguish about doing the right thing. We are introduced to a physician by the name of Dr. Bennett Omalu (Will Smith), who has discovered a new disease, chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), that effects the brain after sustaining multiple concussions. Normally, this discovery would be cause for much celebration, the problem is that this discovery was made possible by the autopsied brains of former NFL players. The NFL takes great pains to dismiss Omalu's work, and ignores his warnings that if they don't do something, players will continue to suffer and die. Omalu's personal life is also compromised with threats to his work life and personal life. This is a story we have seen many times before, and it is one that is truly worth repeating again, again until we finally get it right. The audience is introduced to a person, just a person trying to do their job, and help others. The person makes a discovery, or comes up with a new way of doing things that will help others, and they are put through some sort of hell because it interrupts the comfort or convenience of others. This is story is older than stories themselves, and it is very sad that we still look at the savior as sort of devil at first instead of a person trying help. The savior, may or may not be happy about their discovery, but wants to help others for them to benefit in the end. The film itself is very well-done, and the performance on behalf of Will Smith is amazing. I loved the film, it hit a personal cord with myself, which made it all the more enjoyable and heartwarming.


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