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Over the past week, the internet has been ablaze talking about the newest artistic editing of Pixar's latest beloved movie Inside Out. For those of you unfamiliar with the movie, Inside Out tells the story of the emotions that live inside the head of a young girl named Riley. Below is a new rendition of the movie complied by University of Utah film student Jordan Hanson, who decided to take all the scenes showing the emotions and cut them out, leaving just 15 minutes of the movie left. What he created actually paints an interesting look of the human condition when the rest of the film is considered. Check it out for yourself!

While those of us who have seen the movie know what is going on inside Riley's mind, this new version shows us exactly why we shouldn't judge people based on what we can perceive of them. The story of the video above is simply a girl who gets frustrated by being forced to uproot and move across the country before deciding to run away from her family. What this teaches the viewers is to never underestimate what other people might be going through, for all you know Friendship Island might have just collapsed into a deep dark abyss.


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