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With the Holidays over, the Flash mid-season 2 finale resolved nothing but the fact, that Harrison Wells isn’t well-fated in Earth 1.

Whilst adding a few more years to his lifetime in Earth 2, Earth 1 owes Wells nothing, as he is forced into helping Zoom; and joining the dark side once more.

With my love for Tom Cavanagh ever-lasting, will Wells’ trope of having undying faith in Barry for personal gain, resolve itself with a new tone that saves Jess? Remembering that he is not the evil Eobard Thawne, will Wells’ arrogance grant him the ability to double cross Zoom?

With a trailer for The Flash’s new year opener revealing the presence of Killer Frost, the lack of build up to her arrival seems to liken itself more to Earth 2 origins; and not the sudden transition of Caitlin Snow. With an extended look at DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Ronnie is seemingly not set to return as one-half of Firestorm, but instead a canon victim to KillerFrost’s survival. Presumably residing in Earth 2; or Earth 2 Ronnie himself, it is all too probable that this is where Caitlin’s darker doppelganger is set to be introduced.

With the team seemingly headed to Earth 2, in January 19th’s episode, we are greeted with a narrated warning of Earth 2’s opposition to everything in Earth 1. With hope, that the mission is incited by Wells’ cry for help, “pretty messed up” is an apt name for the episode; as we see the revival of Eobard Thawne and potentially; Ronnie Raymond.

With Earth 2 drama aside, Wally West is too iconic to remain a simple familial relation. With a parental, gut-tugging feeling, absent in Joe, upon Wally’s introduction to the show; will Earth 2 reveal anything about Earth 1’s latest arrival? Set to become Kid Flash, will Earth 2 and a speedster making serum, play a role in his transition? or are we seasons away from welcoming another Speedster to the Flash-verse?

Also: What are the chances of meeting Robert Queen aka Earth 2’s Arrow and bringing him back to help defeat Darhk?


Do you want to see Robert Queen return?

Unlikely, but I want to see it happen.



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