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First of all, you guys gotta check out the trailer that has already gone kind of nuts on YouTube, with over a million view to it's name. Let me know what you guys think, the trolling will be deleted, constructive only please. Let's be adults here. By the way, I've been waiting forever for a new King Kong Vs Godzilla, since the only other one created was back in 1961!

What we know so far about the Godzilla/King Kong franchise that is incoming is as follows:

Legendary's plan is to build on the success of the 2014 Godzilla reboot and the upcoming Kong: Skull Island, and create a new movie world populated by monsters new and old, this sounds like it could be the beginning of a very good thing! I'm sure there will be a plethora of other monsters introduced as well.

Starting in 2017, Skull Island will bring back the the greatest of the apes, King Kong. Godzilla 2, still being directed by Gareth Edwards, will follow in 2018; and in 2020 the two legendary beasts will collide in an epic clash of the titans: King Kong Vs Godzilla.

Did you like the fan made trailer above? What do you guys think of the King King/Godzilla franchise idea? Let me know below with your comments!


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