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I have been to the movie theater many times, and each time I've heard at least 4 girls (I, myself is included) swooning over Kylo Ren. Now I honestly think there's a difference. Either they're attracted to Kylo Ren for his personality, or to Adam Driver for his looks. Those are two totally different things. I think we are attracted to Kylo because he's such a bad character, and studies have proven before that women like to imagine falling in love with someone who has a fiery spirit and bad attitude and reputation. Adam Driver attracts us because of his looks. His big brown eyes are so sweet, his beautiful pale face, and his shoulder-length black hair, and muscular, toned body.

I think that women feel more attracted to Kylo than the actual actor (Adam) because he's somewhat relatable. We all have struggles in our lives, and he openly states some of those in the movie. Now, I don't know about you (HUGE SPOILER AHEAD) but towards the end when he killed his own father (Han Solo), I think that that was a huge breakthrough in how he's been feeling about the pull to the Light lately.

And for once I'd like to acknowledge and somewhat praise Adam Driver for his bravery. He said in an interview once that he's had some body image issues and this movie was a huge step for him. Now, everywhere I go to talk to people from the Star Wars fandom, there's always a few that have to talk about how ugly Kylo Ren is. First of all, I'm in love with him so I totally disagree. Second of all, you can't always judge something by its appearance. Adam (or Kylo, either one fits) has a very beautiful personality and his unpredictable tantrums are what adds an edge to him. I applaud Adam for having the courage to do this movie no matter his feelings about body image. People just need to realize that the personality of Kylo Ren isn't actually how Adam is in real life. I think sometimes audience members have a hard time separating character from the actor/actress portraying the role. I'm also glad to know that Adam somewhat understands and accepts that, too.

I grew up watching Star Wars as a little kid and I absolutely loved The Force Awakens. The first time I saw the scene, *Han to Chewie* "Chewie, we're home" people in the theater started whooping and cheering. That brought tears to my eyes because after all these years, people still respect the originality. I would definitely recommend this movie, and the whole franchise to be exact, for they are very action packed, humorous, and add some things to your list of important life lessons. Definitely a must-see.


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