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Back in September, it was announced that Xander Berkeley would be joining the cast of The Walking Dead this season, but his role was unknown.

It's no longer a mystery!

He'll be playing Gregory, the cowardly bastard from the comics who causes nothing but heartburn for Rick & Maggie & the group. But specifically Rick and Maggie. But really REALLY Maggie. More on that in a bit. Let's take a look at, personally, one of my favorite actors, ever.

Anyone who's seen 24 should recognize this guy as the one and only George Mason. He was the former CTU director that too a radioactive bullet for the team during season ?, when, during a fight in a building that was home to some pretty nasty radioactive material, was standing by a glass-enclosed...thing full of said material. A bullet shattered the glass, and he breathed in the fumes, sentencing him to a pretty painful and quick death then and there.

At some point in the season, Jack Bauer volunteers to fly a nuke to the desert to detonate it away from civilization, but George stows away on the plane. George takes it from there, Jack 'chutes out, and lives to behead another terrorist on another day. Stroll down memory lane with this:

George is right up there with Jack and Tony on my list of most memorable 24 characters. He really made you feel bad for him when he was hit with that radiation, and I completely didn't expect him to be a stowaway on Jack's plane. He's going to be GREAT in The Walking Dead!

He even met his future wife on the first day of filming 24...Sarah Clarke, AKA...Nina Meyers!

Besides being in pretty much every movie ever made, from A Few Good Men to Amistad to Apollo 13 to Air Force One (and Terminator 2, if you don't want a movie that starts with "A"), he's also been in Nikita and CSI, and 11 movies in 1990 alone!

Raise your hand if that was before you were born!

Well, on to The Walking Dead. Here's where the spoilers kick in, so read on with caution, if you aren't a spoiler loving peoples.

Gregory from the comics is the cowardly little pain in the ass leader of the Hilltop Colony, introduced around the same time as Negan. He's most certainly going to be a big player during Negan's run. How big, we may not know until next season, since the TWD producers like their curve balls. Gregory's a flirt, but never gets anywhere with women, because most know his true nature, and being a stupid jerk in a post-zombie-apocalyptic world is a turn-off, apparently. He's also an extremely big headache for Rick and Maggie, even playing a part in getting Glenn killed. This kind of pisses Maggie off, who has him imprisoned in a Hilltop jail, and she has him hanged in front of the residents for his crimes and d-baggery.

But hey, that's the comic's Gregory. The TV Gregory could be a redneck amish hula dancer from Canada!


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