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When it comes to wrestlers transitioning to the big screen, no one has done it better than Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, or as I like to call him, my future best friend. He's WWE owner, Vince McMahon's golden boy. Many wrestling fans would say that Vince has used his mighty hands to sculpt wrestling into something that is more accepted by the mainstream. He's changed wrestling to sports entertainment, he will throw in any celebrity on any wrestling show if he can, he is a man who put Snooki in a match at his biggest wrestling event of the year. We're talking about a man who made his own movie studio so that he can put his wrestlers in movies to make them seem like bigger stars. When I think about Vince I truly think he just wants people to think his work is good. I'm sure Vince would love to have an Emmy, a Golden Globe, an Oscar, he'd probably even take a Razzie.

Every week, Raw fans are forced to read about how Raw is the number one show on television, or that they have the most social media followers than anyone, but it's not necessary. A lot of people like wrestling. John Cena has been in 2 of the biggest comedies last year, The Rock is making millions, and The Rock means millions of dollars, even Sheamus, WWE's most boring wrestler is going to be in the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. (I think Sheamus is a good talent, but WWE just don't know how to book him.)

Wrestlers are getting great movie roles now, but wrestlers have been popping up in movies for a while. Vince has always had his foot in the door, but now he's breaking the door down. So here are 15 wrestlers who have popped up in some pretty popular movies. I'm obviously going to leave MacGruber, The Wrestler, and Ready to Rumble off this list.

15.) Triple H - Blade Trinity

It only makes sense to have the guy with three H's in his name to complete your trilogy of movies. The King of Kings probably called up Gangrel to get some tips on being a vampire.

14.) Kurt Angle - Warrior

I don't know much about MMA, but I know that this movie ground and pounds on the emotions. Who better to play an MMA fighter than an Olympic gold medalist and former WWE champion. Now I'm crying just thinking about Warrior. It's true, it's true.

13.) Bam Bam Bigelow - Major Payne

Bam Bam isn't doing any high risk menouvers here, unless you count going one on one with Major Payne. Maybe he should've read The Little Engine That Could before entering this confrontation.

12.) Diamond Dallas Page - The Devil's Rejects/Lords of Salem

DDP is mostly known for promoting his yoga videos and rehabbing wrestlers now, but former WCW World Heavyweight Champion caught the eye of Rob Zombie and got put in two of his movies. I guess when you show up with a sign on Raw saying "Make me famous," good things are bound to happen.

11.) Great Khali - The Longest Yard

There's not too much to say about Khali, he danced around the ring a lot, awkwardly sang Happy Birthday once, had a kiss cam at some point, and oh yeah, he won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. In my dreams this movie would've lead to Khali joining Sandler's crew and taking the place of Taylor Lautner in The Ridiculous 6 and Grown Ups 2.

10.) Stone Cold Steve Austin - Grown Ups 2

Arguably the greatest wrestler of all time, but without a doubt steals the show in Grown Ups 2. Stone Cold has had some decent cameos in The Expendables, Chuck, and The Longest Yard. He's also starred in a few minor action movies, but it's the comedy where he shines, and that's the bottom line cause Stone Cold said so.

9.) Terry Funk - Roadhouse

The hardcore legend Terry Funk has made a name in the ring for putting his body on the line in Deathmatches, Barbed Wire matches, and pretty much any type of hardcore match you can think of. But he did get to take a break and share the screen with Swayze in Roadhouse.

8.) Kerry Von Erich - Problem Child

If there is a royal family in wrestling, it has to be the Von Erich family. I don't really know if this movie is as popular as I think it is, I just remember it being on TV at least twice a week when I was growing up. So on that and the fact it includes Kerry Von Erich, I'm putting it on this list.

7.) Big Show - The Waterboy/Jingle All the Way

Captain Insano shows no mercy. The man holds the record for most heel and face turns, but you know what, he's not a bad hand to have. Whether he's playing Captain Insano, or an angry Santa beating up Arnold over accusations of selling a bad Turbo Man action figure, Big Show is solid.

6.) Macho Man Randy Savage - Spider-Man

He's too hot to handle and too cold to hold. Without a doubt one of the best talkers and in-ring performers, the Macho Man brought his charisma to Spider-Man as Bonesaw. Savage is truly the cream of the crop.

5.) George "The Animal" Steele - Ed Wood

One of WWE's most charismatic performers, and it shows on the big screen. Tim Burton cast The Animal in Ed Wood, and he seems like a natural alongside Johnny Depp and Bill Murray. It doesn't get more legitimate than working with Bill Murray.

4.) Kevin Nash - Magic Mike/John Wick

Big Daddy Cool is possibly the coolest wrestler to ever exist. If swag had a persona, it would be Kevin Nash. Nash and his best friend Scott Hall created the coolest faction to ever exist in wrestling, and started the 90's wrestling boom period with the NWO. Nash has had some other minor parts in movies like Rock of Ages, and even being Super Shredder in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze, but he will always be Big Sexy in our hearts.

3.) Jerry "The King" Lawler - Man on the Moon

The King of Memphis wrestling, and arguably one half of the greatest wrestling commentary team with his friend, Good Ole J.R. Lawler played himself in Man on the Moon, recreating his infamous rivalry with Andy Kaufman.

2.) Rowdy Roddy Piper - They Live

Every hero needs a villain, and there was no better villain to Hulk Hogan than Roddy Piper. John Carpenter saw the potential in Piper, and they blessed the world with They Live. There may not be a bigger pop culture icon from the world of wrestling than Piper, and there's definitely a reason why. He was always all out of bubblegum.

1.) André the Giant - The Princess Bride

André stole the hearts of many in the classic The Princess Bride. In the ring he was mostly known for his rivalry with Hulk Hogan. Any time Hogan managed to get on TV, he'd tell the tale of slamming the giant over his head, but every time he'd tell the tale there'd be more and more people in the arena, I don't think it's been determined to this day how many people were truly there for that moment. One of my favorite things about reading wrestling biographies is to read the stories about André. Most wrestlers speak of him with the highest regard, and his personality really shines in this movie, making it a must watch film.


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