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It's cute to see bros that are partial to a bit of peck appreciation. Dwayne Johnson engaged in a bit of pectoral support towards his new co-star in the Baywatch movie, Zac Efron (because you know, watching Efron and The Rock running around just in swimming shorts on a beach is seriously the best idea of the decade, no joke).

Efron posted a photo of him on set with Robert De Niro in the new movie Dirty Grandpa wearing a crop top (that I will be buying) with the slogan: "Stop staring at my tits." The photo was accompanied by the following caption:

It's been a life long dream of mine to work with De Niro. Lo and behold, I spend most of the movie naked or in women's clothing. And you know what... it was TOTALLY WORTH IT. I can't wait for you to see @dirtygrandpa - it's hilarious! Save the date for a wild (and really weird) ride on JAN 22

Check out the trailer for Dirty Grandpa, below!

The pic of 28-year-old Zac in amazing shape caught the attention of Dwayne who posted the following comment:

Dwayne also has a pair of impeccable pecks, but earlier in his career the Hercules actor did have to undergo gynecomastia surgery, which is effectively breast reduction for men.


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