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Trailers are designed to ignite an emotional response within you. And, it's fair to say, the Deadpool trailer, combined with hilarious viral videos, has left fans salivating with anticipation for the film adaptation of the Merc with the Mouth.

Cult director Kevin Smith is no exception. The avid comic book fan, who had his breakthrough with comedy Clerks in 1994, has gushed copious amounts of praise toward Tim Miller's superhero flick on his video blog.

The Best Movie Ever Made?

"Best motion picture ever made"
"Best motion picture ever made"

Talking on Fat Man on Batman, Smith's video blog, he said:

"It's time to f*cking letup on Ryan Reynolds for Green Lantern because he's f*cking over-delivered on this Deadpool film. I haven't even seen it and based on the trailers alone, I'm like, 'This may be the greatest motion-picture ever made.'"

Although it has to be said the Clerks director maybe gets a little overexcited in his praise, it seems he's hit the nail on the head perfectly. He added further valid reasons as to why he can't wait for the film's release:

"It's crazy! The tone is pitch perfect! He is perfectly cast! The costume looks f*king great! Colossus is in it!"



The 45-year-old went on to give even more praise. Calling the film "phenomenal," he also said:

“I’ve been making movies for 22 years, I saw that trailer and just thought I may as well stop.”

Smith, who has clearly been won over by director Tim Miller based on the brief trailer, feels the Deadpool director should also be given the task of directing the X-Men franchise, also in the Marvel Universe.

Could Lobo follow Deadpool to the big screen?
Could Lobo follow Deadpool to the big screen?

Smith's co-host, Marc Bernardin, believes that if the movie is a success, it may open the door for DC to try something equally as risqué. His theory? DC pursuing a film adaptation of bounty hunter, Lobo. Yes please!

Guy Ritchie was set to direct a motion picture on the character in 2009, but pulled out to direct a sequel to Sherlock Holmes. Although there are still talks, nothing has been set in stone. However, success of an R-rated Marvel anti-hero could set a new trail of adult themed superhero movies.

You can watch the full episode of Fat Man on Batman below:

Badass and R-Rated

Deadpool features Ryan Reynolds and the titular character, who is an alter ego of former special forces agent Wade Wilson. Wade becomes the victim of a botched medical experiment to cure his cancer, and goes on a bloody crusade to punish his enemy.

Ryan Reynolds donning the Deadpool suit
Ryan Reynolds donning the Deadpool suit

Much of the promotional material surrounding the movie centers around Reynolds's felicitous portrayal of the Marvel anti-hero, in the guise of viral videos. It's clear Fox is aware of the magnetism of the character alone.

I previously wrote five reasons why I believe Deadpool could be the most badass superhero we've ever seen — and it's not just down to the movie's R-rating.

'Deadpool' will be released on February 12th this year.

Source: Fatman on Batman (YouTube)


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