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Captain America: Civil War premieres May 6th 2016 and has attracted more online attention than any other upcoming superhero movie. The recent Civil War trailer was a work of art for any Marvel fan, truly depicting the build up to the showdown between teams Iron Man and Captain America.

However, a rising star of the MCU has remained rather absent from promotional material, including trailers; this is of course Spider-Man.

Amazing Spider-Man
Amazing Spider-Man

But why has our favorite Marvel web-slinger been absent thus-far? Marvel have only recently pulled the Human Spider back under the roof of the MCU, so you'd think they'd want to flaunt Spidey, having reclaimed Parker after years under the Sony banner.

There's speculation, of course, there always is... only sometimes because of me. Some have suggested that Marvel have kept Spider-Man from the spotlight because he's a newly reclaimed acquisition who will only have a cameo at best, but where's the fun in that? Others have argued that Spider-Man has been kept from the front lines of promotional advertising because he's going to be rocking some awesome new kick-ass gear. Now we're talking!

Spider-Man. Avengers
Spider-Man. Avengers

Let's get to the fun stuff: recent activity on a Twitter account supposedly belonging to the Russo Brothers has rekindled the fires of debate amongst fans. No one is entirely sure as to the legitimacy of the page (Russo_Brothers) which doesn't have many followers, yet seems to be posting hints to various Marvel productions, including Captain America: Civil War and Captain America: The Winter Soldier, prior to its release.

If the account is fake then whoever is responsible is taking a tactful approach to encouraging debate and screwing with fans, whereas if it's real then the Russo Brothers are being damn crafty!

Russo Brothers
Russo Brothers

One image which was released all the way back in July, making it seem even less legitimate, is the following photo -- supposedly of Spider-Man, which attracted some serious online attention. has recently reported a theory that this image could indicate that Civil War Spiderman will have eyes not unlike camera lenses, allowing the character to express emotion without removing his helmet. It's a nice theory, but unfortunately we have nothing which confirms the legitimacy of the Russo Brothers Twitter page, which has been debunked by some and supported by others, such as the guys over at Screencrush.

In addition to this provocative image, the Twitter page has also released shots supposedly of objects from upcoming Marvel movies, like the following close-up, presumably intended to be the garb of a Superhero.

Do you think there's any legitimacy to these posts? Have we seen a close-up shot of a cleverly designed Spider-lens? Moreover, does this post hint at some form of Iron Spider suit, designed by ally Tony Stark?

Iron Spider
Iron Spider

We know that Spider-Man wore the Iron Spider suit in the comic book Civil War and that Tom Holland's depiction will have two suits, but will be see the Iron Spider?

Check out the international Captain America: Civil War trailer.

Get in on the discussion: let me know your thoughts.


Do you think we'll see the Iron Spider in 'Captain America: Civil War'?

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