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It appears that Sam Raimi is continuing the friendly game of I-can-reference-your-movie-in-my-movie with the late horror legend Wes Craven. Unfortunately this game is not available to us lowly non-film-maker types...

The tradition started in Wes Craven's A Nightmare on Elm Street when Nancy was trying to stay awake by watching Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead.

This tribute was returned in Evil Dead II when Freddy Krueger's bladed glove can be seen hanging on the inside of the toolshed.

Evil Dead II
Evil Dead II

Raimi’s most recent attempt to reign supreme in this horror director game of cat-and-mouse was an Easter Egg hidden in the season finale of his recent horror comedy series Ash vs Evil Dead.

The director took the opportunity to recreate - almost exactly - the Easter Egg he had hidden in his 1987 classic Evil Dead II by hanging Freddy's glove (this time without the blades) in the fruit cellar of the cabin where the last few episodes took place.

Top: 'Evil Dead II'  Bottom: 'Ash vs Evil Dead'
Top: 'Evil Dead II' Bottom: 'Ash vs Evil Dead'

Touché Raimi, touché.

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