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Varia Fedko-Blake

Actor Colton Haynes has been increasingly in the entertainment headlines over the past year, partly due to his role in superhero series Arrow. Check him out in action:

And naturally, as with all celebs at some point or other, he has been hit by his fair share of rumors regarding his sexuality.

Yet, all this time, the 27-year-old actor has kept quiet and has refused to speak out. Until now, that is.

Last Saturday, a loyal fan posted the following onto Tumblr:

"When I found out colton haynes had a secret gay past i got so excited even though i know it makes absolutely no difference in my life."

To which, the actor casually replied:

"Was it a secret? Let's all just enjoy life & have no regrets :)"

Despite the fact that this comment doesn't admit or reject anything and merely reveals that he doesn't regret anything, for many fans, it is confirmation enough that Colton is in fact gay.

Think what you may, but at least we now know for certain that he's not ashamed of anything in his past and is ready to face whatever 2016 with a huge smile:



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