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Britney Spears was left totally stumped midway through her 'Piece of Me' residency tour this weekend as she was left hanging, literally, up a tree.

Ok, so not that literally. But she was left up a tree, which let's be fair is pretty embarrassing at the best of times, never-mind when you've got thousands of eyes on you while you try and hammer out one of your top hits.

The pop princess was geared up to soar over the stage when she suffered a harness malfunction and was forced to bust some pretty cringeworthy improv shapes until her production team clued up and rushed to the rescue.

However, true to form, Britney pulled the mishap off like a pro. After all, this isn't the first wardrobe blunder to strike during her Planet Hollywood Resort And Casino residency.

You may recall back in October when the the zipper on Britney's bodysuit came completely undone and she had to wiggle around the stage singing "3" while a team of backing dancers tried to rectify the situation. And, well, it was pretty funny.

Essentially, Britney is still amazing, even when she's stuck up a fake tree in Vegas.

Source: The Mirror


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