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Say what you want about Jaden Smith, but that kid just doesn't give a damn what other people think. Ever since he was a little tyke, he's had more confidence than most fully grown adults, as evidenced by his first interview on The Ellen Show.

Years later, he's still making waves with his trademark self-assurance, most recently becoming the face of Louis Vuitton Women's Spring/Summer 2016 campaign. For someone who's resume covers acting, rapping, and pseudo-philosophical tweeting, modeling may seem like the natural next step.

But it's the clothing that he's modeling that has people talking

That's right, that part about this being part of the "womenswear" collection was not a typo. In the past, Jaden Smith has been spotted wearing dresses and skirts with a carefree attitude, a bucking of gender norms that landed him on Moviepilot's list of influential Gen Z-ers.

Now, he's parlaying his style into a new career opportunity, and Louis Vuitton seems more than happy to welcome him.

Here's the high-end brand's creative director introducing their newest model

No word on whether or not Jaden will be a major fixture of future campaigns, but either way, I think it's safe to say he'll keep doing what he wants.

(H/T: Dlisted)


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