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Now, sure, we all love Deadpool. The Merc with a Mouth is, after all, likely the most gloriously juvenile and ridiculous superhero out there, acting as both iconic anti-hero and perfectly formed superhero parody all at once. He is, in other words, super neato.

With that being said, though, 'Pool has always had one major problem - one fundamental breach in his armor of easy awesomeness that might just undermine the whole 'more beloved than your average pope' vibe he's been working on for years now. Specifically, Deadpool isn't great at fitting in. He is, for better or for worse, not a natural team player. If he has one problem, it's that he really and truly isn't flexible.

Until now, that is:

Hot Toys Has Just Unveiled a Surprisingly Flexible Deadpool Collectible Figure

And not only is it awesome - because, y'know, Deadpool - but it's also way more of a team player than the Maniacal Merc himself.

Bothered by Deadpool's persistent snark in years of X-Force comics? Don't worry, you can now give him whatever facial expression unwavering loyalty to Wolverine might demand.

Concerned that Ryan Reynolds's movie Deadpool won't be coy enough? Never fear, there's now a hand attachment for that.

Nonplussed by Deadpool's steadfast unwillingness to approve of your cooking skills? Don't panic - he's suddenly very much a fan.

In other words? Thanks to Hot Toys, you can now make your very own Deadpool do whatever you want.

Even the PG-13 stuff.

You can find out more right here, or, if you're more in the mood for ultra-violence and explosions, you can join us in repeatedly re-watching the latest Deadpool trailer just below...



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