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If you have a crush on the lovely ladies from the DC and Marvel universes, this is definitely the article for you!

The Cape Town based artist Karl Liversidge has a gallery full of beautiful digital paintings dedicated to Marvel and DC fan art, and I've had a look through it and picked out my favorite pieces. Enjoy!


Rogue is a hot babe, and when I see this picture it makes me really sad that touching her would basically kill me.

Wonder Woman

No wonder Superman is flying away in the background, not even he can handle the hotness that is Wonder Woman!

Harley Quinn

Damn Harley! The Joker is one lucky guy.


Supergirl, you are my kryptonite!

Emma Frost

This painting of Emma Frost makes me shiver!


Well this certainly creates a storm in my pants!


I wouldn't mind being caught up in her web!

If you'd like to check out more of Karl's work I recommend heading over to his deviantART-profile, there's some great stuff there.

Source: SourAcid on deviantART


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