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Rick Crowley

He may have said it in a really bad way and he may have uses a phrase he shouldn't have, but at least George really told us what he is really thinking both about the movie and his decision to sell the companies he created. He really did show us that it was and is hard to let go and he also told us what everyone thought, but really wasn't sure how far it went that Disney was doing it's own thing. I for one understand George's feelings and wish he had kept control, but I also understand why he sold it and what he wanted to do. I just think it is crappy of Disney to treat the series creator and the man for whom they owe for even having this series at all the way they have. Without George there is no Star Wars franchise. Without George there is no galaxy far far away. Without George they would have made squat on this movie. To have cut him completely out of any of the story line is incredibly stupid on their part. You don't do that to a multi-billion dollar franchise owner. Would the same thing have happened to Rowling had decided to sell Harry Potter to Disney? Would they do that to her and her series of books? Come on? It isn't right and for everyone to talk about the level of acting in the Star Wars movies and say that is a reason this needed to happen is very stupid. Every movie every made is terrible if you just look at the level of acting. They all stink and it is because humans are the ones acting in them. Come on. I really hate criticizing the level of acting in movies. They do it with the best actor of all time. John Wayne's movies have always been criticized for the bad acting in them, but John is still the best actor of all time and the competition isn't even a little bit close. George should be applauded and congratulated for creating a very different universe that is beloved as a franchise phenomenon that will never be matched. Star Trek isn't even in the same ball park. They are a very different type of franchise that will never touch the Star Wars universe in fandom. Disney should have consulted with George on these movies and created a symbolic relationship of compromising ideas of what went into these movies, not just run it their way. Would it make it harder and longer to create something, maybe, but at least it would still have George, the man who created the universe, as part of it in a small way? They didn't have to do what they did and while he shouldn't have used the phrase he did, it is understandable how George feels, and he can't be blamed for his feelings. I for one wanted to see George's ideas for these movies. I am not interested in just Disney's Star Wars. I want to see George's Star Wars all the way through. If he is alive and there is no George in Star Wars then it really isn't Star Wars anymore. Sorry that is just how it is.


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