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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
Marlon McDonald

Every now and again when I'm wandering Boston's wasteland and stumbling across insane sights like a pack of radscorpions taking on a legendary deathclaw, or simply finding a moment of peace and taking in the resplendent sights of a radstorm, I wonder to myself "what else is there that this game needs? Because it's packed to the brim with beautiful madness already!"

Well, the question has been answered, folks, and it's legendary WWE superstar Macho Man Randy Savage being reimagined as a deathclaw in a new hilariously terrifying mod brought to you by modders AronaxAE and FancyPants.

Inspired by FancyPants' equally terrifying Skyrim mod that turns all dragons into Randy Savage, Macho Claws — as the mod is so aptly named — turns every deathclaw into an effigy of the Macho Man, pink cowboy hat, sound bytes and all.

Check it out here in all of its glory:

Amazing, utterly amazing. And deeply unsettling right?

If you're looking for other mods to spice up your Fallout 4, how about the ability to make any gun you can dream of, a bit of Buzz Lightyear: Wasteland Ranger, nuclear babies and some One Punch Man action?!

So as I leave you now, take with you a little inspiration from the man, the legend, the hero himself:

(Source: Nexus Mods)


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