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Netflix solely dominated the TV industry in 2015.

Netflix Inc. is easily dominating the TV industry. The internet TV organization started to provide online video content services in 2007 and since then, it has not been possible to stop it. The firm has completely sidelined the traditional cable TV business. Furthermore, the likes of other streaming providers, such as Amazon Prime and Hulu, do not come near Netflix as of yet. Its stocks have doubled as well in the past year and Quartz reported it as one of the hottest stocks in 2015.

The streaming service provider is performing quite well in the market and there are several reasons as to why its shares are constantly trending upwards. Netflix’s two new series of Marvel superhero, Daredevil and Jessica Jones, were a huge hit in 2015. They were not only critically acclaimed but also remained as one of the most watched TV shows in 2015.

Netflix did not only plan to produce content for adults but brought in content for its young subscribers as well. It came up with 7 new shows and 12 comedy specials for the kids. The comedy shows included Aziz Ansari and Chris Tucker.

Netflix also came under limelight in the Golden Globes Award where it won nine awards and beat the king of original content producer, HBO. The firm also received 34 Emmy nominations out of which it managed to win four of them. It further bagged 10 SAG (Screen Actors Guild) nominations this year.

This year can be said as Netflix’s dream year where it proved to be the sole leader of the industry. It further expects to grow in 2016 and expand its services in almost 200 countries by the end of this year.

According to Value Walk, “The year 2015 can also be termed as the year of great expansion for the streaming firm. The company launched its services in many countries including Japan, Italy, Spain, and plans of making it service available in many more countries next year.”

More than half of US viewers prefer Netflix for streaming purposes. Moreover, it is also accountable for having more than a third of web traffic during peak hours in North America. The firm’s another objective when it started its business was to become HBO before HBO starts to copy it, and it is all happening.

The company used to own right of the popular shows and online movies only; however, it is now producing them as well to be on the same line as that of HBO.


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