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In a galaxy far far away…

I am so happy to finally be writing this review for Episode VII ‘The Force Awakens’. The biggest box office film of the year. I’ve seen it twice now and I enjoyed every bit of it. And finally am able to share my thoughts with you.

We all have many theories for what’s to come let alone what we’ve seen in the film which has left our jaws open. New characters, villains and re-visiting characters with so many theories to think of for what’s coming next.

I am going to make this review a little different other than just talking about how great the film was and how much I recommend you go see it, let’s discuss a new character.

Who is Rey?

A young girl left on Jakku and is waiting for her family to come back. She is a scavenger for her job to survive as well as someone who knows her tech and how to fly the millennium falcon which was great to see again. But still who is she? When seeing the film and her getting her powers could she be the next Jedi? Is she the daughter of Luke Skywalker or someone else?

Same style clothing
Same style clothing
Could she be a Kenobi?
Could she be a Kenobi?

After watching the film again and reading everyone’s different theories I am not sure if I think she’s the daughter of Luke anymore, in fact I am starting to believe it was on purpose that she came across that lightsaber and was able to see flashbacks. But we heard Obi Wan’s voice narrating. Is this a clue as she has connections to a Kenobi? Perhaps she was sent to go find her father or a connection to a family member through finding Luke in-order to get this information. She also may have gone to Luke to show him that she has the lightsaber it called to her. That intense shot of them both looking at each other and for her seeking the truth to who she is and Luke looking back made me get the chills a brilliant yet powerful scene as to her getting closer to the truth. It could even be that Luke is to train her to become a Jedi.

As well as this the lightsaber we speak of it belonged to Obi Wan far longer before it became Anakin’s and Luke’s. Loads of theories for Rey here are other examples

  • Dresses Similar to Obi Wan
  • Has managed to find her force when captivated and escaped – Obi Wan escaped too!
  • Before the film came our Rey played by ‘Daisy Ridley’ mentioned Rey’s character is very solitary.

I think this explains it Obi Wan was Solitary for many years. But with all these facts, I believe she could be a Kenobi. She could possibly be the grand-daughter of Obi Wan. We may not know who her father was? Which now leads me into another character who is the old man right at the beginning of the film which Kylo Ren kills? Another character similarly dressed and had the map to where Luke Skywalker was, did he know something we didn’t know? Is he related to Rey?

Who is 'Lor San Tekka'?
Who is 'Lor San Tekka'?

So many thoughts behind this episode so many places it can take us and connect us to other characters mentioned and not been mentioned yet.

One last thing before I go I really enjoyed seeing the old characters again and also other new characters such as FN-2187 (Finn) and BB-8.

What’s your theory for the above, who do you think Rey is?


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