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When you think of Bollywood, horror is probably the last thing that comes to mind. You're more likely to think of dramatic love stories featuring a band of beautiful women in brightly coloured saris singing and dancing in synchronicity.

It's true that Bollywood may have over-reached with horror contributions in the past, with over the top theatrics, unrealistic blood, gore, and melodrama that make the result more funny than scary.

But while some movies haven't quite met the mark, that doesn't mean that Bollywood hasn't produced some horror gold.

Here are some Hindi horror films that are sure to haunt and terrify:

1. 'Ragini MMS'

Out to relax and have fun at a farmhouse, a couple experience horror at the hands of an unknown entity.

Released: 2011

2. 'Phook'

An atheist is forced to consult an exorcist after his daughter shows signs of being possessed.

Released: 2008

3. 'Raaz'

Sanjana and Aditya decide to give their marriage one last chance. They plan a vacation in a country house but are unaware that a strange figure is waiting for them to come.

Released: 2008

4. '1920'

After forsaking his family and religion, a husband finds his wife is demoniacally possessed. Chills guaranteed.

Released: 2008

5. 'Kaun'

While alone in the house, a woman hears news of a serial killer on the loose. And then a stranger rings the doorbell...

Released: 1999

6. 'Raat'

The Sharma family relocate to a semi-urban area in a house that has a "reputation." The plot is set into motion when a kitten is killed and the leading lady is possessed with its spirit.

Released: 1992

7. 'Bhoot'

A woman sees a ghost after she and her husband move into an apartment where the previous tenant committed suicide. It slowly starts to drive her into madness.

Released: 2003

8. 'Horror Story'

Seven friends decide to spend a night in an abandoned haunted hotel. They quickly realize that what they mistook for rumors were all true as they are terrorized by the spirits inside.

Released: 2013

9. 'Vastu Shastra'

Jhilmil and Virag move to their new house with son Rohan. Strange things begin to happen when Rohan starts to make "imaginary" friends.

Released: 2004

10. '13B: Fear Has a New Address'

A man experiences a supernatural occurrence at his newly purchased apartment; a soap opera being telecast exclusively on his TV, which shows the future of his family.

Released: 2009

All of the above Hindi horrors can be easily found online with English subtitles.

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