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Welcome to a brand new year readers. To ease myself in after a heavy Christmas, birthday and New Year, I'm going to drop a quick post before the heavy workload begins.

With [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870) still a couple months away, Zack Snyder and the entire cast and crew are already making preparations for Justice League Part One, which starts filming later this year (cue fanboy squeal of excitement).

While speaking to The Lowdown via, director Zack Snyder offered up a few comments about the upcoming cinematic epics. In regards to the themes that will be explored further coming out of BvS and leading into Justice League Part 1, he said:

“The fun of the movie is that in the end, it’s a drama, They have to figure out each other.”

It's no secret at this point that the folks over at Warner Bros. and DC have great faith in Ben Affleck's portrayal of The Dark Knight. They're so impressed that a lot of time will be spent exploring this character throughout these films, and of course, his solo film series. Check him out in this clip which dropped a couple of months back.

But just in case there are still some doubters and naysayers out there, Zack Snyder took the time to shine his light of approval on Batfleck and handed out his praise to the man himself. During his interview he added:

"Affleck is an amazing Batman... He's a great Batman."
Zack Snyder
Zack Snyder

But that's not all. He teased us fans with a tiny nugget of information regarding Justice League Part 1. The man behind the curtain teased the mystery villain the Justice League will be facing down in their first outing as a real team. Here's what he had to say:

"We're working on Justice League right now, right? In a weird way, Justice League is the next step for these characters to from a bigger team. Maybe there's a bigger enemy to fight..."

Now that's not much of a reveal, but enough to get those theorists out there buzzing. The real question though, who could be more powerful than Doomsday?

It's possible we could find out within the next few months when production begins, but there's also a slim chance we could find out the identity of the mystery villain when Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theaters on March 25th.

For now, let those creative juices flow and feel free to share your thoughts and speculation in the comment section below.



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