ByTerry Killians, writer at

What this all seems to be is the continuing over-excess of concern over a "nothing" type of event. If I was offended by every time someone made a movie or ad or anything that demeans my sense of righteousness - I would pretty much have to live in a cave. Folks? America has done a whole lot of horrible things in its past - but at some point we all have to stop feeling so entitled to beef about little "non" things being done now - and focus on moving towards a more constructive solution in the future. Going rabid on an AUSTRALIAN actor who has done you no real wrong (and who is a genuinely nice person, with no ill intentions in his whole body) - who hasn't stolen your land or given you smallpox infected blankets, is just plain, well, whininess. My tribal background is Wampanoag, and I am a descendant of Massesoit. He was always inclined to peace - and he was, in part, responsible for helping the pilgrims stay alive. So in that front I say - let's just try to be peaceful about this. Cultural appropriation is not supposed to be a flag to wave over every harmless thing that someone does in this world. The photo was of a bunch of people having fun at a New Years party. Australians are not Americans. A party does not, a slap in the face make. Personally, I would be more offended, by say, almost every movie ever made with representations of Native Americans in them (can we say "Tonto"?), then a single photo of folks having harmless fun. Please please please people - how about going after those reservation land casinos run by Las Vegas mafiosos (who pay very little money to the natives whose land they use as a tax shield) instead? Or try to focus this anger towards the horrors going on in the world around us - let us be constructive in our efforts and put this energy where it is needed - helping people, not raging against one.


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