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The new year has begun and we all wait patiently for this epic year of TV and cinema to begin. It has been one long wait since our favorite shows ended, and an even longer wait for them to return to our screen, one that's felt like an eternity.

But fear not readers, The CW has released descriptions for their midseason premiere episodes of Arrow, The Flash and Legends Of Tomorrow, all of which accompany their own promotional videos for the show's premiere episodes. I for one cannot wait, so before my excitement renders me catatonic, let's begin.


Now that they've grown closer, Barry (Grant Gustin) considers telling Patty (guest star Shantel VanSanten) that he is The Flash. Meanwhile, Joe (Jesse L. Martin) and Iris (Candice Patton) try to get to know Wally (Keiynan Lonsdale), and the team hunts down a meta-human who can slow time itself.

The episode will be directed by Rob Hardy and written by Bryan Q. It will air on Tuesday, 19 January at 8pm EST on The CW. A trailer for the show's returning episode also shows Patty getting kidnapped by Zoom before Barry could tell her that he is The Flash (classic move right there). But with a metahuman with the ability to slow time set loose in Central City, there is a whole new level of trouble coming Barry's way as the series continues. I'm personally waiting with high anticipation, to see King Shark return to the show.

The midseason finale, that seems like a lifetime ago now, introduced a new character in the form of fan favorite and future speedster, Wally West. Episode 10 will find Iris and Joe getting to know him, and in future episodes we'll see his rivalry with Barry escalate, as he finds the position of 'son' in the West family, has already been somewhat taken by Barry already. Keiynan Lonsdale who plays Wally talked about his character's arc in an interview with Entertainment Weekly and had this to say:

"Where we meet Wally and how we're introduced to him, he's just a regular guy. He's not Kid Flash just yet. I don't know when that's going to happen. He is also into drag racing, which makes the family dynamic kind of funny when your dad is a detective. It's pretty cool. He's fairly protective of himself and what it is that he does. "


THE AFTERMATH — Oliver (Stephen Amell) must deal with the devastating consequences of Darhk’s (guest star Neal McDonough) last attack. Seeking revenge, Oliver goes on a brutal manhunt looking for Dahrk.

Jesse Warn directed the episode written by Oscar Balderrama & Sarah Tarkoff. Arrow returns Wednesday, January 20 at 8:00 pm on the CW.

In the midseason finale, Oliver and Felicity were ambushed by Damien Darhk's men that unleashed a barrage of bullets. The two managed to escape, but things ended horribly as Felicity was critically injured.

After the ambush, Felicity suffered a fatal gunshot wound and in the trailer, Thea mentions that Felicity is out of surgery, but with complication. The long wait during the break just made fans speculate more about Felicity's destiny, this includes a rumor of her becoming paralyzed after being shot.

Other fans believe that Felicity may become a version of DC's 'Oracle' and if true, this role wouldn't really change her character much since she mostly assists the team behind a computer screen. Now I'm not against this idea happening, but the Batman parallels just make me want a goddamn Batman series of it's own (except between Arrow, Gotham and Batman v Superman, there's really no point).


The CW's DC Comics-based 'Arrowverse' gets bigger later this month, with Arrow and Flash spinoff, [DC's Legends of Tomorrow](tag:2937021) debuting on the network. The CW has released an official plot synopsis of the series premiere, which features Rip Hunter (Arthur Darvill) traveling from the future to assemble a team to stop the immortal threat of Vandal Savage (Casper Crump).

"SERIES PREMIERE — In the year 2166, the immortal villain Vandal Savage (Casper Crump) is on the verge of his final victory – total chaos and the utter destruction of humanity. As the world crumbles, the Time Master Rip Hunter (Arthur Darvill) takes matters into his own hands; he travels 150 years into the past to assemble a carefully selected team of heroes and rogues to stop him. Hunter has chosen what seems like an ill-matched group: billionaire inventor Ray Palmer (Brandon Routh), who has created an exo-suit with the power to shrink him to minuscule size, as the Atom; Sara Lance (Caity Lotz), the White Canary, a trained assassin; Professor Martin Stein (Victor Garber) and Jefferson “Jax” Jackson (Franz Drameh), who together form the meta-human Firestorm; Leonard Snart (Wentworth Miller), known as Captain Cold, and his partner Mick Rory (Dominic Purcell), AKA Heat Wave, a pair of career criminals; and Kendra Saunders (Ciara Renée) and Carter Hall (Falk Hentschel) AKA Hawkgirl and Hawkman. Together this unlikely group will attempt to stop one of the most formidable villains of all time, while they must learn how to not only be a team, but heroes as well."

Glen Winter directed the episode written by Marc Guggenheim & Phil Klemmer and Greg Berlanti & Andrew Kreisberg. DC's Legends of Tomorrow debuts 8 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 21 on The CW.

I for one am extremely pumped for the CW shows to return, and I'm intrigued as to how and when Vandal Savage will return following the events of the Arrow/Flash crossover.

This year is set to be one exciting ride, so bring on January and all the CW goodness. Next stop Deadpool.



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