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, an gaming company from San Fransisco, are about to launch one of the coolest gaming concepts of the decade. This specialist company aim to create the world's first real-time, real-world first-person shooter game.

will allow players from across the globe to come together in glorious combat. It even comes with a rather sexy backstory.

The Story

The year within the game is 2040 and players that download the game to their phones are divided into two teams: the 'Evolved' humans and the regular humans.

The evolved humans are all part of the demographic that have given themselves to what is known as the Ethereus, an Artificial Intelligence that now oversees the planet. Ethereus is so advanced that it has put an end to almost all worldly conflict.

The second team, consisting of the regular humans, are part of the sect that still believe in free will. These people have chosen not to give themselves to the Ethereus. It almost feels like George's Marvelous Medicine of sci-fi - a pinch of Equilibrium here, a dash of Hunger Games there, all stirred together with a big dollop of Total Recall.

But with no conflict there can be no first-person shooter. Something has gone terribly wrong with the Ethereus system - Father.IO – a mysterious digital virus has infected Ethereus’s behavioral algorithms, and has initiated an all new evil initiative. The new orders are for all the Evolved to hunt down and kill the remaining humans that are not linked with the mother system.

More Than Just a Shooter

Gamers worldwide will be able to compete in a multitude of online real world games, including territory dash, location-based endeavors and combat strategy missions like recon and other stealth orientated games.

To take part in the mode detailed in this article however, you will need one extra piece of kit, the 363R Trigger. This space-age addition will turn your phone into a weapon. Strap it to any fourth generation or above smartphone and you are locked and loaded. This will give your device an augmented field of view allowing you to take out enemies from as far as 164 feet away.

The FPS, How It Works

Choose your own real-world battlegrounds - players will be able to play in real time and in any real world location. The games will be happening all around the world and you may find yourself accidentally walking through a game on your way to get a coffee. The program tracks your location and will let you know if an evolved or a non-conformist human are nearby. When this happens, lock and load - it's you or them.

The program then divides your real world location up into hex-areas on a localized hex grid using satellites, in the same way your Google Maps work. The program will alert you to another player when they come within 20 meters of your location. It's like being a top secret agent, when it beeps, grab the trigger from your bag, strap it to your phone and put them down.

It even has access to a separate mapping satellite which will provide you with a real-world mini-map. And if that wasn't cool enough - all gamers will be able to record all their battles in 720HD and share them with friends and other Father.IO gamers instantly online.

How Do I Play?

The project is in development right now. The team are using a crowdfunding method to raise the remaining capital to launch the game worldwide.

I for one will be following this project very closely - it just screams day-to-day gaming awesomeness. If this project is successful it will be the first real-world, real-time first person experience to hit the wider gaming market and to be readily accessible to all. Don't forget to grab a trigger for your smartphone - these sell for $59 per unit.

It is worth noting that a very similar project by the name of Rescape, was cancelled after having collected only a small part of the requested funding but I feel this has what it takes to succeed. But what do you think?

Platform: Mobile, AR

Genre: FPS, Augmented Reality

Release date: 2017

Developer: Proxy 42

Will you be downloading Father.IO?


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