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Christopher Brandon

JohnDoe: "Hey, last night I downloaded the new (insert movie title) for free, you wanna come over and watch it?"

Me: "Did you seriously just ask me over to participate in a crime by watching the movie you stolen?"

JohnDoe: "I didn't steal anything. I downloaded it online."

Me: "Yeah, illegally. That's stealing. Just because it isnt a physical copy & its online doesn't mean it's not stealing. You might as well just walk inside Walmart and steal a hard copy."

JohnDoe: "Your wrong. Everybody is doing it. It's how things are done now. Besides, the prices of movies are so expensive now that we can't afford to see everything that we want to see, so it's the only way we can see everything that we want."

Me: "It's now how things are done & not everybodys doing it. If you can't afford it now, then why not be an adult and wait until you can afford it to view the film?"

JohnDoe: "Because I want to see it now....& it's free, so why not?"

Me: "It's not free. You stolen it."

JohnDoe: "I did pay for it. I went to the theaters to see it first, so Im entitled to watch this for free now.

Me: "That's not how it works. Even if you own a hard copy at home and yet you still download it illegally, you are still hurting the movie because the number of times it gets downloaded is viewed upon by the producers as a negative, despite the popularity or numbers generated at the box office that are in the positive. A filmmaker has to convince a studio to gamble millions on their ideas, and if their work is subjected to illegally downloading, that could affect the decision to hire a particular director for a certain project, one that could've been a dream project or a make or break project for said director. Your downloading directly effected his/her chances of getting the job."

JohnDoe: "I don't see how thats my problem."

Me: "Because your directly effecting said director by illegally downloading his film.

JohnDoe: "Well, I'm broke & the studios are rich. They can afford it."

Me: "What about the filmmakers who put in all the hard work to make the movie?"

JohnDoe: "What about them? They're rich too. Richer than me. Besides, the movie sucked anyways. Didn't have any good story or actors.

Me: "Maybe that is because studios won't invest money into a project with a director whose work is constantly losing potentially millions due to online piracy, therfore their work suffers from lack of budget & support, which means less of a favorable viewing experience for the audience."

JohnDoe: "That makes no sense. I'm not hurting anybody."

Me: "Wrong. Your hurting the industry that you claim you love. Independent artists who normally could find a decent budget for their films are now being turned away for even the most modest budgeted projects. Many either have to resort to other "means" or dropping out of the industry altogether due to the current hardships. Studios are not taking risks on many proven talent let alone up-&-comers trying to break into the business. Online piracy is a direct result of this and single-handedly is changing the industry as a whole & hurting those trying to make a living or get a budget for their project."

JohnDoe: "Well, they don't make anything worth paying for. It's all remakes, bad sequels, etc. Why would I want to waste my money on that crap anyway?"

Me: "Do you know why they make those? Because it's a proven formula that made money before. Studios want to spend less and make more. If they have a proven formula that makes them money, then that's the safe bet direction that they will go. They're in the business of making money, not creative work. They're not after your likes, just your wallet. If what they produce is what the majority pays for, then that's what your getting. This is all due to piracy. So, if your not enjoying the quality of movies out there, then perhaps take a just stand against the very thing that is affecting the quality of movies out there....piracy."

JohnDoe: "What can I do. I'm just one guy. It's not going to stop just because I do. So why not get in on it?"

Me: "All it takes is one guy. One guy today is two guys tomorrow and so on. We can all change the industry by just doing the right thing and stop stealing."

JohnDoe: "Ugh. It's not stealing. I didn't steal anything. It's online."

Me: "This is pointless. Let's move on. So anyways, last night I went on your (social media outlet) and took all your drawings & artwork and gave them away online"

JohnDoe: "What?! Why? You had no right! Now I won't get anyone to buy them! Now that's stealing!"

Me: "It's not stealing, it's online."

Don't pirate movies. It is a crime and it's stealing from those whose work you claim to love and enjoy which in turn, prevents further "good" work from such said artist. It is stealing. You want to make a change in the product that your viewing, then support & promote your favorite artist(s). One can make a difference. One today is two tomorrow. Be a leader, not a follower. Pay to see the movie. I'm a grown up. I can pay my way.

Save a career.

Just say piracy.


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