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This is a trailer that I had created back a couple of months ago.

If they create this movie with a good story and actors, we could be in for quite a franchise reboot and maybe more movies to follow it up!

Right now the cast for the 2017 Power Rangers reboot film is as follows:

Pink Ranger - Naomi Scott (Inspector Lewis, The Martian)

Blue Ranger - RJ Cyler (Made in Hollywood, Today)

Yellow Ranger - Becky G (Empire, Play It Forward)

Black Ranger - Ludi Lin (Monster Hunt, Marco Polo)

Red Ranger - Decre Montgomery (Betrand the Terrible)

Sorry, no James Vanderbeek in the new reboot though guys. We'll see what happens when this does hit theatres in 2017 when a group of high-school kids, who are infused with unique superpowers, harness their abilities in order to save the world. Hopefully, these bright young stars can make a name for themselves with this huge reboot.

Some footage taken from the Power/Rangers hardcore film from 2015, as well as other places!

The release date is March 24, 2017.


Will you give the Power Rangers Reboot a chance?


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