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This year producers of both Arrow and The Flash expressed their will to create a much more organic universe, meaning a lot more crossovers between the two shows.

Thus, David Ramsey published an image on his Instagram account suggesting that Diggle is heading to Central City:

David Ramsey stepped by The Flash writers room implicitly confirming his future appearance on the show.

What Will Brought Diggle To Central City ?

The reason David Ramsey already gave it a few months ago and it is non other than King Shark ! His quick appearance wasn't a one-off after all and Ramsey hinted that the Suicide Squad could be the reason of his presence in Central City, to bring down King Shark. Check out his answer by yourself:

"We are gonna be tracking down a particular member of the Suicide Squad that also happens to be a fourteen foot shark."

This statement could also reveal a deeper implication of the Suicide Squad in the future censored up until now because of the upcoming movie scheduled this summer.

Warner Bros. seems to have lately changed its politic concerning its TV Universe and is now a lot less reluctant to see movie characters adapted on TV. They already did with The Flash so it opens the door for other heroes to appear on the small screen. Nevertheless don't expect to see heroes as Batman and Superman make the jump but it is at least a step forward.

So beware because Diggle and King Shark are gonna clash very soon in an upcoming episode of The Flash.

The Flash returns January 19th on The CW.


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