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Lance Redfern

I have no idea why half of the Americans out are just plain stupid, I'm half Mohican Indian and I'm not offended. People play Indians all the time movies and nothing happens to them, WTF, What I do as a re-enacter makes people feel offended and uncomfortable, I'm a WWII Historian and portray the 9th SS Hohenstauffen of Germany, people calls us all sort of things, but it doesn't bother us, we just keep doing what we do, we teach history, and this history that young people should be learning in school, but they don't teach anything history school anymore. We didn't even learn anything about the Holocaust I had to learn about that on my own, I'm getting ahead of myself, But anyways Hemsworth was just having fun, I don't think he was trying to be mean, it was a dress up costume party, ya'll to shut up and worry about yourself's what they do on they time is there business, and maybe they shouldn't have posted on the internet but that was whoever's fault. Hemsworth keep it real man, your still a bad ass, and thats all i have to say.


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