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Hi you guys! Have you ever wonder some very weird things a cartoon show, like why Ash ketchum never age or somthing like that?

Well I have going to explain some fan theories I think would be interesting to know.

inspiration by watchmojo's Top 10 Cartoon Fan Theoris

1. Ed, Edd n Eddy are dead

Wow! For you who had seen this show even you where little I hope you guys liked it, because it had great character, funny adventures and was one of Cartoon networks best production. But do you know why you never saw nobody parent, it's because they are all dead. I'm not joking, they must have died under a time line on what they like most, between 1900-2000

Rolf like farm animals because he died on the beginning on the 1900s

Johnny had no friends there he lived so he took a penn and made a face on a piece of wood and named it Plank, but unfortunately he died after a long fight with tuberculosis in the 1920s

Eddy is so obsessed in money so i guess that he died in the 1930s

Ed and Sarah lived there life's in the beginning of the 1950s, because Ed loves comic books and Sarah got her bossy attitude when there father died in WWII and there mother was depressed, They both died in a freak car accident in 1953.

Nazz was born in 1960s and she had hippie parents and was described as a flower child. But in the summer 79 a serial killer esacped from a local asylum and break in to her house and kill the entire family.

Edd was born in the beginning of the 1980s and he got raised by very strict and controlling parents, they pushed him to both succeed academically and to be prefectly cleanly and neat. But he died of a result of a gas leak in 89

Kevin was born on the day Edd died. But Kevin was born to a broken-down house and got abused by his drunk father and that resulted his death, because on the winter 99 his father beat him up so much that he died on his way to the hospital.

Jimmy was in the 2000s , but he was diagnosed with leukemia and was the last of these children to die.

2. Ash is a coma

Many of you guys wonder why Ash is still ten after soon 19 years, well it maybe can be that he is in a coma.

Because in the first Pokemon episode (Pokemon I choose you) Ash tries to protect Pikachu against a pack of angry Sperrows when the lightning hits them and that he is only dreaming all adventures with his friend.

Maybe this is true, that maybe why there are so many nurse Joy and officer Jenny and all the others is just a dream made by Ash.

3. Andy's mom from Toy story is Jessie's owner

This theory says that Jessie's owner and Andy's mom is the same person

In Toy story 2, Jessie tells a story about her owner Emily and in some scenes in this story you can se that Emily's hat is just like Jessie's (red with white strips)and when you seen on Andy's hat, you can that it's red, but what is the white mark has disappeared, so it's may be true that Emily and Andy's mom is the same person.

4. Winnie the pooh and his friends is on drugs

Many theories about Winnie is that he and his friend are on drugs and that can be true

Winnie the pooh loves sweets and has an overly active imagination, so he is on LSD

Piglet is afraid of everything and is paranoid he is being followed, Piglet is eating mushrooms

Eeyore doesn't care about anything. He is alway depressed and have very slow reactions, he maybe smoking Marijuana

Tigger can't calm down. He's always bouncing and never get's tired, He is taking ecstasy or have ADHD

Rabbit is always getting into everyone's bussiness and constantly needs everything, he sniffing cocaine or he have OCI

Christopher Robin believes he can talk to stuffed animals, so he is hallucinogens

5.Frozen,the little mermaid, tangled and Tarzan theory

Disney is a universe there films can be in sam story, like this theory

In the movie Frozen, is the king and queen going to Rapunzel's wedding, but in heavy storm the boat sinks and it's the same boat who you seen in the little mermaid. But on this boat there was Tarzan and his parent's and they are taking a lifeboat and row to the nearest land and that was Africa, but the weirdest thing is that the little mermaid is in Denmark, so I geuss that the gulf of mexico drove the boat under the water so it came to the little mermaid.

6. Toy story 3 is the allegory for the holocaust

oh my god! I knew that toy story 3 was dark, but this dark! It's just like you are watching a cartoon movie about the holocaust, but let me explain what I mean

First in the movie are the toy terrified because Andy is now an a adult and about to go away to college and throwing all the toys in a trash bag so they can be on the attic, but the toys thinks that Andy is going to throw them in the trash can, so they run to a box (there is says Sunnyside day care) in Andy's mother's car. When they get to the Sunnyside they thinks that it's very nice ,but then on the night the whole day care turns into a concentration camp and those toys who is the leader are like natzi. The klimax is just terrible, when our heroes are in the dump and are about to burn to death.

hope you all liked it

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