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In this article I am going to write about the Saiyan from universe 6. And his name is Kabe/Cabe which is like most other saiyan name a pun related to vegetables. And this name comes from Cabbage. For example, Vegeta comes from Vegetables.

The question comes how strong is he?

Well, in Chapter 7 we didn’t get any hints about his power. But, it appears that he has a decent amount of strength. Since Champa picked him out of all the saiyans in Universe 6. Or it could he is just one of the few Saiyan’s that remains in U6.

However, if he’s strong it is assumable that his parents were strong. As we see Goten and Trunks were easily able to transform into super saiyans due to having advanced genetics. And it could also be that their parents are from different species. Like, the saiyans and humans of our universe. And from the looks the closest this character comes to any of the previously known Dragon Ball character is Teen Gohan. His face and hair has similarities with Teen Gohan. Some people think that he is the alternate of Vegeta. That I find quite unlikely because they don’t have any similarity. And if there were even any alternatives they would have been on same age coz it appears that both the universe goes through the same timeline. You can always say unlikely thing like what if Future Trunks lives in U6 and it’s his son/Daughter.

Now, though I am referring the saiyan as he, it could turn out that the Saiyan is actually a female.

another thing is if he is powerful then curiosity comes what type of transformations does he have?

If their method of power increasing is also to go super then it could be a bit awkward. I mean at this point what level of super saiyan will he go?

Super Saiyan 2 or even 3 will be useless against Goku and Vegeta. And if that kid goes god that will be kind of weird to see. So, if they have some new techniques or ways of transformation I wouldn’t be surprised.

What if they can go Great Ape with a more controlled shape and much more increase of power and speed?

Or they have some other techniques of increasing power other than going super saiyan.

I remember champa planning to bring Saiyans. But, he brought only one. What if, what if. The Gigantic robot is not a robot it’s a saiyan covered with armor.

What if the gigantic robot is THE LEGENDARY SUPER SAIYAN of their universe and the robotic form is used to control him.. hahahah this one was a joke obviously.

Well, fellas let’s just wait for the next chapter of Dragon Ball Super.

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