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Jeff VanderMeer has a way with words. He has a way of painting a picture in your mind that's vivid and bright, even of the most mundane objects and tasks. His novel, 'Annihilation' is a perfect example of his ability to do this. But now the picture that has been painted into the minds of many may be available to watch on the big screen in 2017.

News has hit that director Alex Garland ('28 Days Later' / 'Ex Machina') will be directing a movie adaptation of Jeff VanderMeer's first work in the Southern Reach Trilogy.

This utopian dystopia features a strong female casting in lead roles, with the protagonist being known only as, "the biologist". The all female team is led to a Top Secret area known only as "Area X", to study and observe the occurrences after the "ecological disaster" that occurred there decades before.This is not the first team to have gone into the area. In fact, eleven expeditions have gone in before "the biologist's" team goes in. Unfortunately, none of those expeditions have truly gained any insight into Area X.

Already confirmed to be cast in the movie adaptation are Natalie Portman and Gina Rodriguez. There are still at least three "main" characters to be cast as of yet (rumors of Tessa Thompson joining the cast are already all over the internet).

Both of the confirmed actresses (Portman and Rodriguez) are very good at acting, and I believe the entire cast will do the best job they can to portray the roles they take on.

And, yet, I remain doubtful. Book adaptations are nothing new, but they are definitely a hit or a miss. Whether they're loved or abhorred, movies have a tendency to not follow the books as much as the fans would like. Obviously, it's hard to fit a two to three hundred page novel into a two hour movie without changing a few things to make it fit for time.

The problem I'm having coming to terms with it is that Jeff VanderMeer truly describes an awe-inspiring setting. Things that are not normally seen in nature. Things that have almost a supernatural element to them. And I'm not sure how that's going to come across on film. We'll just have to wait and see.

What are your thoughts? Do you think Alex Garland will direct 'Annihilation' to a box office hit or miss?


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