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I must admit that my favorite part of the release of superhero flicks is all the goodies that you can buy to show support and enthusiasm for the movie!

Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice is no exception and with the release date just short of 3 months, more and more merchandise is showing up and it looks awesome!

New T-Shirts That Prepare You For Battle!

New t-shirts can be currently pre-ordered from!


"The Superman Dawn of Justice T-shirt may not make you faster than a speeding bullet, but it will show your support for your favorite superhero and just might catch the eye of any Lois Lanes you happen to meet.

This classic tee has short black sleeves and a black neckband. The body of the shirt is styled to look like a molded chest plate. It is a deep gray color with black shading that gives the appearance of sculpted pecs and six-pack abs."

No superman gear would be complete without the famous logo, and the Dawn of Justice shirt sports the large red “S” on a gold ground prominently displayed on the upper chest. The waistline of the shirt features a gold faux belt. This popular, eye-catching shirt is the perfect gift for your favorite Superman fan, or buy one for your own super self!"


"Prepare to defend the citizens of Gotham City in this menacing Dawn of Justice T-shirt. Even a dark and brooding crime fighter wants to be comfortable and stylish, and that is exactly what this fully-licensed tee offers.

The shirt is the classic short-sleeved style with a crew neck. The sleeves and neck band are black. The body of the shirt is marble gray with charcoal accents that create the illusion of rock-solid pecs and an admirable six-pack. Emblazoned across the full width of the chest is a black bat.

To be sure you are ready for any exigency, the shirt features an illusion of an equipment belt around the waist. Leave Bruce Wayne behind and rock your inner Batman with this fun, popular shirt. POW!"

New Pricey Messenger Bags

"Carrying the weight of protecting the world on your shoulders? Ease that burden by packing it all up in this nifty messenger bag!"

New Cap Hats

"The Dawn of Justice logo cap is adjustable to fit a range of sizes. It features ventilation holes in the crown for coolness and comfort. The brim of the cap features a gold and black seal that carries the “Batman vs. Superman” logo."

With the two greatest superheroes going to war against each other, Batman v Superman is sure to deliver a ton of action! Nothing better than walking into the cinema showing support for your chosen side!

March 25th Cannot Come Soon Enough!

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