ByJohn Finn Jr, writer at

First of all, make note: Leah does hug her like a relative hugs a relative (Mother/Daughter...Aunt/Niece) so she must be from the Skywalker Family. I do find it strange that if she is a Skywalker, why did she think of Han Solo as more of a mythical character than a real person. She obviously did not know that he was related to her. He did not know either. I find this strange since Leah obviously knew her, but her own husband does not. Luke seemed to recognize her and she obviously recognized Luke. That means that she is either the child of Luke or somebody that Luke knows well. Could Obiwon Kenobi have gotten married after he "retired" from the Jedi and became a "Crazy old hermit" as Uncle Owen called him. Then again, if Uncle Owen and Aunt Veru had children, then their child (and grandchild) would be a Skywalker also. My bet is that she is Luke's daughter as she was VERY determined to find him. More than even a distant relative would have. I hope that there are no "Luke, I am your father" surprises. I can just here Luke saying "Rey, you are my high school girlfriend's daughter who I got pregnant after the prom"


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