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In my extensive post on the subject of who Rey's parents might be (found here), I examine her lineage under the microscope of various character backstories.

The post has done very well, so I find myself tinkering with it here and there, a small polish. I was doing just that when the scene noted in the picture above came to mind.

Specifically, the moment after this photo, where she is told (we assume), "get back to work!" by some creature. The tone of that scene, Rey looking at the old woman, her life of limited choices, working for food versus credits. That was a slave camp.

It All Makes Sense Now

  • Think of Unkar Plutt as a very low level Hutt type.
  • Post war, Jakar is in the middle of nowhere.
  • Plutt is a junker that is capitalizing on post-war Jakar, all the wreckage from that war but he needs a workforce that he has COMPLETE CONTROL over.
  • The solution- buying slaves or something very close to slaves, which is a VERY common theme in the Star Wars universe.
  • The flashback scene of Plutt taking possession of a young Rey
  • All the shots of her daily life, junking for food only, the supervisor telling her to get back to work.
  • The shot from above, her looking as a slave or trapped person would, to the sky, to a place other than slavery and Jaku.
  • The lack of protection by ANY Kenobi style characters at all. She is 100% on her own.

HUGE Implications

If I am correct and Rey was indeed, sold into some version of slavery, that immediately does two key things to our new saga.

#1- It eliminates either the Solos or Skywalkers knowing they had a daughter or it being a decision (leaving her in Jaku) they made.

#2- It adds a far more sinister subplot we are left to sort out. In my longer examination of this subject that I linked above, I make the claim that she a part of a prophecy.

If this is true, was she sold by people that had no clue who she was? Was she kidnapped and sold? Was it all circumstance and bad luck that ended up being much more? Oh wow! Now we got a story worth exploring!

From The Ashes Of Slavery

It's a common device in cinema and Star Wars, with its desolate planets and almost Mad Max level edge in some cases. If Rey were to be the prophet that rose up from the ashes, that is a Star Wars story we have yet to see.

And the tone of The Force Awakens is very much that, of an UNKNOWN rising from the ashes. Kylo Ren is presented to us as almost Godlike right out of the gate, no one able to stop him.

If what I wrote in my original post about a prophecy is true, then her handling herself so well against him could only mean one thing- the prophet has been found and has arrived.


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