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First of all, this trailer was NOT created by me! It was actually created by one of my fellow YouTube acquaintances Alex Luthor. If you don't know him by now he was the brilliant video editor who did the Marvel Vs DC trailer last year that blew up the internet. But anyway, here is one of his recent videos that I very much liked and thought I'd share it with you fine folks on MP. Before you watch it though, here's some news about Star Wars: Episode 8.

What We Know At This Point:

1. Rey and Luke's Next Steps

At the end of The Force Awakens, Rey ascends the steps of the first Jedi temple, and offers Luke Skywalker his father’s lightsaber just as Obi-Wan did. Episode VIII will show us her next steps. I do expect Rey to become Luke's next apprentice, but not right away. I think that there will be an internal conflict within Luke that will give us a deeper insight into his actions as of late, and possibly another reason why he is in exile. Rey will learn more about her newly gained Force abilities in Episode VIII, and will possibly create her very own lightsaber.

2. Kylo Ren Will Become Stronger

Kylo Ren isn’t in great shape after the shot he took from Chewy at the end of TFA. General Hux is told to bring Kylo in to the Supreme Leader Snoke for completion of his training. Now that I think about it, it is quite possible that we don't see Kylo receive the training from Snoke at all, which would preserve that character’s ultimate reveal for Episode IX. It is also rumored that Episode VIII cast member Benicio Del Toro will become some sort of a Bounty Hunter/Sniper evil character. Regardless, I definitely expect to see a stronger Kylo Ren, resisting the Light, but rather drawn further to the Dark Side by his dedication to the legacy of Darth Vader.

3. Finn and Poe Will Continue To Battle Together

Finn‘s will wake up, but under what pretenses? I'm pretty sure he’ll see Rey again, just as she predicted. I don't suspect him join her as a Jedi-in-training. I am personally not sure that he will become a Jedi, as of yet, but he does have something to fight for. I expect him to be a strong figure in the Resistance alongside his new buddy Poe Dameron.

Remember, It’s going to be up to Poe, General Organa‘s most trained pilot, to continue to be awesome and carry out her orders as she fights to protects Luke while also coping with the aftermath of Han’s death at the hand of their son, Kylo aka Ben Solo.

Now for the Star Wars: Episode VIII teaser trailer, enjoy!

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Some information in the article is from the Star Wars wikia page.


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