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Ok, so I recently posted something about Rey's parents, and I have decided who is was. Someone named Rainbow Crash commented on Archangel's post about Rey's parents and said "Her mother is Captain Phasma who left her on Jakku to keep her safe."

Captain Phasma is a new character, she is a stormtrooper captain. I met up with a few theorists and we all discussed Rey's childhood, and we decided one rightful story. Kilo Ren did not erase Rey's memory of anything with the Jedi mind trick, but Luke did. Yes, Luke. Rey was in the Jedi training, probably the best in her class, then Kilo Ren (Ben) saw that the dark side of the force was where he was supposed to be. Luke used the Jedi mind trick to erase Rey's memory of Ben, and the force. Then, he returned her to her mother.

After hearing the news, Captain Phasma decided to hide Rey, so Kilo Ren wouldn't go looking for her there.

So, that is the big question answered, for now. Hopefully, we will get our final answer in Star Wars 8, on May 27th 2017 (My dogs birthday)


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