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Kara almost gets fired. James and Winn take on Lord. And Astra gets free. All on this week's Supergirl.

Spoilers For Supergirl!

The Martian Manhunter Gets Kidnapped

The show starts where the last one left off: Non vs. Supergirl. It is a short fight that ends when they both get slammed into the ground. Non quickly grabs Henshaw and gets out of there.

Alex becomes the actting the director of the D.E.O. But, of course, this doesn't last as General Lane shows up and takes over. This really only happened to give us a reason for Henshaw to stay in charge and in disguise. Because General Lane, still just as two-dimensional as before, was pretty terrible to everyone in the D.E.O.

I mean, he tortured Astra with Kryptonite. Sure, Kara wasn't getting anything out of her, but still. He even goes on and on about how the movie The Day The Earth Stood Still and how that made him fear aliens. Guys, I am just not a fan of General Lane. Any why, Lane's torture doesn't work. Astra just sends them into a trap where a group of soldiers gets killed.

Kara is the one to finally get anything out of Astra. Early in the episode, Kara tried and failed to get info from Astra. She later figures out that it was because she wasn't ready to hear what Astra had to say about her mom after Astra tainted them during the last episode. And after a talk with James and Winn, Kara decided she needed to have a talk with her Aunt.

And what a talk it was. Astra explains that Alura actually believed her, but had to follow the law. Alura wanted to go about it all the right way. Astra has been shown to have her sensitive moments, but nothing like this. And I like it. Astra is at her best when she is talking to Kara and I don't think those talk would be as good if Astra was completely evil. Right now, having Astra seem like someone trying to do the right thing but going about it the wrong way is working.

Astra's relationship with Kara saves a lot of lives in the end. Kara decides that trading Astra for Henshaw is the only thing they can do. Of course, Non goes back on his word. He trades Henshaw, just to have his soldiers surround our heroes. Astra, however, orders them to stand down. Though, she does state that there is no truce between them.

The D.E.O plots still are some of the weakest parts of the show. Alex and Henshaw, who revealed who he was to Kara at the end, get more interesting. To bad the plot lines just seem to be going in circles.

Cat offers Kara an Ultimatum

Cat, meanwhile, is set on proving that Kara is Supergirl. Kara is set on not letting that happen. Kara tries to act "really, really normal" and even answers every question Cat throws at her, which doesn't work. Cat ends up giving Kara a chose: prove she is not super or she is fired. She does this because she believes being Supergirl should be a full-time job. Kara gives a long speech about how much her job and how much Cat means to her. However, Cat stands her ground and Kara decides to quit. With the help from Martian Manhunter shape shifting into Supergirl, Kara convinces Cat isn't Supergirl and Kara gets her job back.

This disappointed me. Cat Grant is a smart character and she figured out Kara was Supergirl. Why couldn't they leave it that way? Why couldn't Kara explain she couldn't be Supergirl full-time and needed to be Kara Danvers and needed her job to do that and Cat letting that be? Or maybe show Cat after giving Kara her job back still believing she was Supergirl but pretending not to?Or couldn't they do anything else? Cat knowing who Kara was gave the show a lot of options. And Cat knowing would have been interesting. Oh well, Cat Grant still is one of the best parts of the show anyhow.

James and Winn Goes After Maxwell Lord

Maxwell Lord continues to be evil. He kicks the D.E.O off his property in the beginning. Kara mentions this and James decides to investigate. After a run in with Lord, James decides to ask Winn for help, and really, guilts him into helping.

James infiltrates Lord Industries with Winn in his ear and they find a mysterious door. James gets captured and Lord tries to be threatening. He really does, but as James puts it, he is hiding behind his hired muscle. Lord has a fit and destroys James's camera before letting him go.

Kara, after finding out about it, is ready to storm Lord Industries to get Lord. This was probably one of the more interesting points in the show. James and Winn try to stop her, saying she can't become her Aunt or Lord. Kara immediately informs them she has never felt so powerless and she has lost everything, including her untainted memories of her mother. James points out that heroes have to find a way. And this leads to Kara talking to Astra.

Lord, meanwhile, has a "Jane Doe" that looks a whole lot like Kara hidden inside his building. The woman has black eyes and is obviously an experiment meant to take on Supergirl in the future. And Lord continues to be evil.

What did you think of this week's Supergirl?


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