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David Marmolejo

Directed By: Frank Oz

Starring: Hal Scardino, Litefoot, David Keith

In the wondrous 90's you were either a punk skater, a music enthusiast, a Pokemon Master, or the God of the Rainbow Road on Mario Kart 64. For Omri (Scardino) this was not the case in any category. As a nine year old boy being the rather weird and lonesome, living with his two older brothers, mom and pop, and a trusty sidekick named Patrick (sort of). As a gift from a friend to another, Patrick gives Omri a plastic Indian Figurine and later that night from one of his totally rad brothers receives a cupboard. Of all things for a nine year old, that's what you give to your younger sibling! Plus a skateboard (punk phase), but what catches Omri's attention is the cupboard, it's quite quaint, a nifty little contraption to put many of things but you need a key. Of that which his mother has kept hundreds as a "hobby". To his avail he finds the perfect match! locks his plastic indian buddy inside for the night, but a bumping it goes almost immediately. As the curiosity intensifies, and the camera horrifically intensifies on Omri's gleeful awkward face, mystical strange powers bring the Indian figure to life! It's not something that he wanted to happen but it did and thus arises a new friend! As most reactions would be petrifying or down right near death experiencing, seeing a giant from a toy perspective is crazy. We soon learn that the Indian is Little Bear, an Iroquois Warrior, who cannot believe what he sees around him, what he hears, and obviously seeing this "prophecy" or wizard standing in front of him and in the palm of his hand. Little Bear realizing later he is only but a child playing with things he does not know, accepts terms as to what has happened and needs to hunt, trap, eat, and all necessities of Iroquois Warriors in the 20th century.

What to do with this Indian, what to do? Keep him a secret of course. What Next? Start bringing other things to life! and they utilize this absolutely brilliantly bringing Darth Vader, Robocop, a T-Rex, a riflemen and others to life. On paper this sounds fantastic, but once seeing this on screen it's a dream come true! and for a brief second all figures are killing each other biting each others heads off, it is sight to see! Omri realizes this is a horrible idea locks them back up and they once again do not exist. A shame really. but the story must go on! Omri having no idea what to do with such fantasies tells Patrick of his discovery and Patrick wants a companion as Little Bear is to his friend. Long behold Patrick wants a cowboy as a friend. And everyone knows Cowboys and Indians do not tend to get along... ever. Battles ensue, but Omri breaks them apart and behold they've become acquaintances.

If this were not for the audience of kids and some older kids (me) there could have been a greater depth as to the cupboard and how it works. They use the idea exceptionally well, the concept of an Indian needing minor tools, machetes, a horse, and bringing a First aid Soldier for wounds. It was a well thought out plan, and that is bliss. But this is a kid movie after all and not all dreams can come true, but for my sake it does that job. In 1995 these are great effects, slap twenty years later into that, it's still a pretty good story, with a warming touch, and grandiose soundtrack that is still ringing in my head. For an hour and a half I felt just like a kid thinking of all the ideas and toys I would be able to bring back to life. Including all my 100 plus funkos it would be devastatingly great, for most of the time, then all hell would break loose, and my toys end up killing me. Why? It just happens. A remake could be possible, for some parents or adults now who want to see this movie be somewhat made again it should happen! Of all the toys, gadgets, and characters now used in films, games, books even (yes they still exist) and even with the amount of technology we have why not give a shot. A big shot of course someone who knows what they are doing that does not go overboard with how many devilish ideas can be seen rather then capturing the hearts of nostalgic loners seeing toys come to life, it would be a spectacle in the near future. But back to the film, it should be cherished as one of the few diamonds in the kid filled bonanza that we love to this day. With most of the movies from the 90's resurrecting like an enchanting blast from the past, a person such as myself will love and hopefully my kids and their kids will enjoy this as much as I still do. Probably end up telling my kids this was based on true events.


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