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If you are a tad more than a fan, you probably heard about the recent Reddit leak. ViolatingDNA wrote on Reddit a comprehensive account on what occurs during Batman vs Superman. Ben Affleck has said that his Batman was really messed up (think a little more vulgar), whilst the same Reddit user said that Bruce Wayne likes to bed many women (it makes me wonder whether they speak of it, or if there's a montage?).

As soon as I read this it made me automatically assume that he bedded Talia Al Ghul. He is an older Batman, and it would be something entirely different. Also, it is being played up in the DC Animated Universe, and after seeing Justice League: War, I got the impression that they were testing waters to see what people liked about Damien.

Look at Damian, The Son of the Demon
Look at Damian, The Son of the Demon

Damian Wayne first appeared in 1987 and was revived in 2006 by Grant Morrison with Batman and Son. He is trained by the League of Assassins and eventually takes up the Robin mantle. There is a little backstory for the uninitiated (But we are initiated aren't we Bruce! Could not Help myself!) and you are probably thinking I am crazy!

Bruce Wayne in the DCEU would not claim that he was raped like in the comics, and one night he made the horizontal la bamba with Talia. I know there are rumors going around that Deadshot could appear and he might, but I think it is a safe bet that The Red Hood will appear. "Nobody cared who I was until i put on the mask" would kill it if Jason Todd said it to Batman in their first foray!

This is where Damian Wayne could come in, not knowing his father personally could want to help him out, or Talia could put Jason in the Lazarus Pit. Anyone who is familiar with Arrow, knows that the pit has consequences. At his mother request he could be a watchful eye over Red Hood while he mercilessly kills Gotham's scum. Oh yeah, and in my head he's around twenty, because it's messed up, insane, negligent and stupid to have a kid who is around ten, fighting freaking bad guys!

Obviously he wouldn't have the bat yet
Obviously he wouldn't have the bat yet

I think the impact of what happened to Jason and the chance of redemption with Damian, would make an interesting story. I am sorry to all the fans of Tim Drake, I really do not believe he would make the cinematic story as appealing as Batman's actual son, this is the only way Robin could exist in the DCEU. If DC really has a pair, they would make a Bat-Family movie (Dick Grayson is all ready Nightwing in the DCEU supposedly!). This article is short and sweet, because I am very curious to hopefully hear from my one to four readers if they would like to see Damian, or any Robin in the DCEU. Thank you for reading, and feel free to disagree.

Batman V Superman is in theaters on March 25, 2016.


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