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Three seasons of searching for buried treasure might sound a bit repetitive, especially since they haven't exactly found what they have been searching for but Marty and Rick Lagina manage to keep the show fresh and entertaining by bringing in new theories along with a few new discoveries along the way. Each episode the brothers appear to be getting closer to the truth only to have something foil their most recent attempts. Some of these setbacks range from minor to game changing.

The Good

The mystery of Oak Island has captured the hearts and minds of treasure hunters for nearly three centuries but as of this moment none have been able to decipher the symbols and clues that are key to unlocking the mystery. The Lagina brothers have spent years trying to do just that but have been met with mixed results. With the help of Dan Blankenship a treasure hunter who has spent the past fifty years researching and drilling on the island the group seeks to piece together the clues and uncover what could possibly be history altering finds.

Each episode is packed full of adventure and mystery. In more than a few episodes multiple sites have been explored simultaneously which keeps the flow and anticipation level of what might be found next at an all-time high throughout the full hour. The shows pace is perfect for the average viewer who wants to understand the situation without having to do much research over the island. What history they do bring up about the island is done in small amounts which again keeps the flow going on in a steady pace.

The Lagina brothers are equally likable and bring a different set of characteristics and skills to the table which keeps each episode fresh and entertaining. You really can't watch the show without getting a sense that these guys are not there for just the treasure but to actually solve this riddle that has baffled treasure seekers for over two centuries.

Theories about who buried the treasure and what that treasure might be range from Knights Templar gold, The Ark of the Covenant, pirate treasure or even part of a Shakespearan conspiracy. Each one of these theories is presented in a clear and precise manner where that each and every viewer can follow.

The Bad

Some of the theories are really interesting but then there are others that are so out there that it just leaves the viewers shaking their heads in disgust that it was even given credence. It would be nice if the Lagina brothers would challenge some of these crackpot theories a little more than what they have in the past. Instead, on many occasions they have wasted a lot of time and money not to mention the viewers time on chasing after fools gold.

After watching a few seasons of this show one thing that will irk most viewers is the narrator who spends at least ten minutes of every show repeating what everyone already knows. It's understandable that they are trying to present the situation as more dangerous than it really is but all the talk by the narrator about curses and a certain number of people must die before the treasure is found just makes you want to change the channel till he is finished.


This is one of the best shows on TV and has been for the past three seasons. Tuesday nights will be The Curse of Oak Island night in your house just by watching one episode. It is that good. Every one of the characters are passionate about what they are doing and confident that their efforts won't be done in vain, which gives the viewers all the more reason to root for their success. Especially since every one of these men have given their lives into searching for something that their not even sure exists. Each week is packed full of new surprises and adventures along with a few moments of joy and heartbreak. By the time the season finale hits you will be already marking your calendar for the beginning of the next season.


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