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The film was interesting and intriguing all the way through, with barely a moment to breath during the perilous journey towards vengeance. The film dives right into the adventure from the beginning as Native American’s attack an unsuspecting band of men, wandering the wilderness for animal hides for profit. Alejandro González Iñárritu brings his documentary style directing into the mix, greeting the audience with shots that last about as long as the scenes themselves. The bear scene, the most graphic event in the film, was unbearable to watch due to the camera never straying or cutting from the action. The use of natural light throughout was a great artistic choice, giving the viewer a sense of realism. I was glued to the screen from beginning to end, never once did my focus leave the story or the images.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy were nothing short of grand in theirs roles as two figures from an almost forgotten historic tale; of course a lot of the history in this film is surrounded by made up moments by the screenwriter to build up the tension and emotional punch for a satisfying climactic end. I almost felt the hurt that DiCaprio’s character was going through during the entire film, which lead to the instant joy I had when something actually went his way.

The score was simple but very effective as the use of ambient noise of the forest, breathing heavily from the actors, and the gentle breeze were showcased to convey the loneliness of the wilderness as well as show the beauty of the harsh environment.

The only criticism I have for The Revenant is the use of special effects, but this is a very minor offense towards the film. A couple shots during the bear attack as well as some of the animals seen in the background are noticeably computer generated, but is mostly overlooked by me due to the many positives in this film.

The pacing of the story was well thought out, with each scene being integral to the actual plot. In the end it was a great film that should garner some accolades, more specifically towards Leonardo Dicaprio and Tom Hardy for their portrayals and the cinematography. I highly recommend this film for anyone interested in a great story thats loosely based on one moment in a man’s life surviving in the wild.


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