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Ever since I was a kid, I've been the biggest Ant-Man fan and defender.
Ethan Williams

Alright, for the longest time, I've always thought that Max Rebo was just a blue bipedal elephant who rocked at the galactic keyboard... Until I watched this:

This video isn't mine, all the credit goes to Star Wars Minute. He makes really great short videos about the history of all the characters and creatures in the Star Wars universe that we love! But I just wanted to share this video because it blows my mind!!!

Wow, is anyone else as disturbed as I am?!?! I had no idea!!! AND it's canon now!

Those... are... his... legs...
Those... are... his... legs...

Speaking of Max Rebo, Lucasfilm really has to make Lapti Nek canon again, Jedi Rocks fucking sucks!! Just Listen to this jam!

Maybe this post wasn't necessary, but still that video is really cool!


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