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Before the seventh episode of the Star Wars saga was released, Disney held an event dubbed Force Friday, and all this new Star Wars merchandise was released. Some people took to the Internet when they discovered that the female lead character, Rey (played by Daisy Ridley), did not have as many toys as the male leads. Well, if we pop in Captain Phasma there were two female characters and she was on almost everything, because people liked her costume.

Fast forward to today, and I haven't seen this mentioned in a while, but today a facebook friend posted something about it, and it got me thinking, is there really such a little amount of stuff for the people (yes, males can like Rey as well) who liked this character to own? So, I went to Amazon, and here is what I found.

Stand alone action figure

Each character from Episode 7 only got one of these, poor Poe doesn't even have his face revealed in his.

Action Figure with vehicle

Only Poe and Rey of the heroes' side got these as they were the only heroes who drove anything. And once again Poe's face is covered. The other characters that got small ships were both troopers. This explains why Finn is in the Falcon with Chewie and Han in the really big toy. Rey already had her own vehicle and Finn was left out.

Highend action figure from Disney Store

Characters from E7 that got this were Rey, Finn, and Kylo Ren. Poor Poe.

Pop Figures

Two of them.

Bobble Head

Display Standing Figures

Rey, Phasma and Leia are all included, and finally Poe's face is revealed.

Dog Tags

Rey is featured, along with BB-8, Kylo, and Finn, poor Poe, no tag for him.

Nesting Doll

I might give them this one because she is smaller than the other characters. And again, Poe has that freaking helmet on.

Lego Sets

She actually got two of her very own, one for her speeder and one of her. Probably why Finn is in the Falcon because he doesn't have his own set.

Card Game

Only cast member of E7 to be on the box.

High End Statue

With BB-8.

Costumes for kids that want to dress as her

Also, they have Phasma for the people that want to dress as the other main female characters from E7.

Hallmark Itty Bitty

Only Kylo, BB-8, and Rey are in this line, no Finn or Poe.

Coloring and sticker book

Not on Amazon, but at a lot of other stores
Not on Amazon, but at a lot of other stores

I've seen ones at Dollar Tree and Target with her on the front, this one on Amazon has a trooper, but she is still on the sticker pad, right next to Phasma. This is the one time Poe wins, but that can be because he had two costumes in the film.

Lunch Box

Biggest of the human faces on this artwork that appeared on more products.

Black Series Figure

Every E7 character will get one, eventually. Finn, Kylo, Rey, Trooper, and Chewie were all in wave one, Poe and Phasma got pushed to Wave 2.

Throw Blanket

Of the two, it is this one and the First Order, once again, no Poe.

Trading Cards

Now this one has all three heroes on it, and this is the same art for the packs inside the box. And finally no helmet on Poe.


First of the E7 cast to get one, she is even featured on Finn's stamp. Once again Poor Poe, he's missing.

Party Plates

She's on the main plates, dang still no Poe. Do people not like him?

Disney Infinity

She's got both a figure and her speeder is the power disc in the set. Poe and Finn only got a spare change of clothes. Big deal, clothes.

Board Games

She's in all three of the games that feature people that are not in the First Order.

From what I looked at, only getting to page 11 on I think we have a lot of Rey. Back when Episodes 4, 5, and 6 came out there was next to nothing for Leia, and Episodes 1, 2, and 3 only have a little more for Padme (I'm talking first run of the merch. E7 is still in theaters making this its first run. Leia and Padme got more as time went on), but Rey with E7 has a ton in comparison to the other female leads of the saga. On a side note, I never noticed how much Poe was missing from E7 stuff. Where's Poe?

Now after writing this I discovered that this all started because Rey was not featured within the Monopoly game they released. You know who is also not a piece in the game? Poe, Phasma, any Trooper, Han, Chewie, Leia, BB-8, and classic characters who are not in the game are Obi-Won, Anakin, Padme, Lando, Boba and Jango Fett, and Jabba... there are a lot of characters that are not in the game. Before E7 was released, the advertising was telling everyone Finn was the next Jedi, he's the next hero of the series, making the set from the heroes and villains from Eps 4-6 and Eps 7-9. Then the film did a turn around and Rey became the hero. Now they could or should have had more then four pieces and make other characters as pieces. But I see what they were going for: main hero and villain of the two trilogies. If Disney had not done the switch, maybe Rey would have been in her proper place.

And I'm happy to announce that Rey will be placed into new Monopoly games, read more about it here.


Who was your favorite Episode 7 NEW character?


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