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I'm Erin Fitzgerald, I'm a graphic designer based out of Charleston, South Carolina. It's no secret that I love animated films and comics. I
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So awhile back, I went through a phase where I was deep into Tolkien lore, and I spent hours making a vector piece of the Shire, while actually listening to the music from the Shire in the Peter Jackson adaption of the story. I figure I should make a bunch more, because wouldn't it just be so darling if this was a children's version of Lord of the Rings?

Though, I probably would leave in the part where Gollum/Smeagle bites Master's finger off. We used to read "Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark". I'm sure kids today can handle a little Smeagle love.

The Shire, Erin Fitzgerald 2015
The Shire, Erin Fitzgerald 2015

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