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So this is it, the season finale. The whole season has been building up to the return to the cabin and the fight between Ash and Ruby and shit happens as usual.

So Ruby (played by Lucy Lawless) has taken Pablo (played by Ray Santiago), who's being possessed by the face of the Necronomicon, to summon all of the creatures and evil from the book. Meanwhile, Ash (played by Bruce Campbell), Kelly (played by Dana DeLorenzo), and the helpless horrified hiker, Heather (played by Samara Weaving) decide what to do and are attacked by Deadite Amanda Fisher (played by Jill Marie Jones). Ash manages to kill Deadite Fisher, but Ruby takes Pablo and the Necronomicon into the cabin's basement. Ash gets locked in the basement and goes to save Pablo while Kelly and Heather try to free Ash while the cabin screws with their heads.

Ash has his hand full when Ruby summons a strange demon child and it attacks him while Kelly tries to take charge when the cabin starts making Heather see things. Kelly gets pulled out of the cabin and locks her out. After Heather gets brutally dismembered and her head flies out the cabin, Kelly decides to burn the cabin.

It goes as well as you'd expect.

The cabin opens up and Kelly runs in to help Ash. Ash tries to fight Ruby and seems to be winning until Kelly arrives and Pablo is forced to attack her. Ash has Ruby's Kandarian dagger at her throat, but Ruby offers Ash a deal. Ash let's her go and she will have control over the evil to keep it under control, and Pablo will be freed and the three will be allowed to leave and go to Jacksonville. Ash eventually agrees, despite Pablo and Kelly begging him not to, and they drive away hearing reports of sinkholes appearing all over the country.

This episode really went back to the style of the first two Evil Dead movies. This episode consists of our heroes just getting thrown around. Heather really became the victim of the cabin in these past 2 episodes and eventually became nothing more than a talking head. Kelly really became Ash this episode, mainly Ash from the first Evil Dead. The cabin screws with her, but she does fight back with trying to burn the cabin down. And now to the ending and Ash choosing to leave. This was a really great and interesting thing to do. He could've agreed to go to save Pablo and Kelly from killing each other since he already lost another person he cared about that night, but he could have just been being selfish and wanted to stop fighting. This has been building up all season and it will be great seeing him redeem himself next season.

This was a great episode and a great finale for a great season of a great show that is part of a great franchise of great movies. Great. So yeah, I can't wait for season 2 and for season 1 to come out on DVD. I give this episode 10 out of 10 chainsaws!


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