ByOtis J Redman, writer at

Ok, so I've been thinking for a while now that maybe we will see real life iron avengers in a future avengers movie. First of all I think in either iron man 1 or 2 we saw the iron patriot suit for the first time which kind of looks a lot like captain America's outfit. After that in age of ultron we all saw the hulk buster suit that iron man wore. Also big enough for the hulk to wear himself maybe?? It has happened in the comics I'm pretty sure?? And also in age of ultron we see Thor have an image of his people dying and he leaves earth. Although the new Thor ragnarok movie is a little while away I'm thinking maybe it will sort of follow the comic book store where Thor finds a church that worships him but when he arrives everyone is dead causing him to go on a rampage and Iron man makes a Thor buster suit to take him on. Again, Thor would then be able to wear that suit. I know that in the cartoons Tony stark eventually builds the iron avengers when they're all getting too old but those ones are robots. I'm thinking maybe these suits will be used in space against thanos maybe?? Just something to think about anyway :)


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